Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheers to our Youth!

Dangers caused by various ailments can be prevented provided an individual takes her own responsibility by taking certain screening tests, taking preventive medication as and when required and most important of all leading a healthy lifestyle. Dangerous ailments like heart attacks, osteoporosis, cervical cancer, diabetes this list can go on but taken the right step can be prevented by taking precautionary measure.

Though many women are aware of various diseases but most share the common belief that they somehow cannot suffer from it. Indian psyche is such that one visits a doctor only when an individual falls sick. Even with all the modernization we still do not see the importance of visiting a doctor without any kind of ailment. Such a mindset is a common problem that plagues most Indian women and is probably the reason that India accounts for the largest number of cases of cervical cancer. As per WHO India accounts for 1.32 lakh detection of cervical cancer every year.

So ladies think when you last visited a doctor for a regular check up so buck up and visit your doctor now!! Girls its time you realize the importance…………

Contributed by: Sashi Ghising, New Delhi


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