Monday, February 8, 2010

Burst the “Happy Bubble”

The root cause of many a serious disease is primarily our mindset. The statement sure does seem vague but is actually true. In our minds we all have this “happy bubble” which causes us to acknowledge the fact that diseases do exist however somehow renders ourselves as unsusceptible to them. Many women are aware of diseases such as cervical cancer but most of them share the common belief that they somehow cannot contract it. This state of mind is dangerous as over powering the mind becomes the single largest obstacle towards detection of a disease as deadly as cervical cancer, which is curable only if detected in the early stages.

Such a mindset is a common problem that plagues most Indian women and is probably the reason that India accounts for the largest number of cases of cervical cancer in the world. Globally, 5,00,000 women are detected with cervical cancer every year of which1,32,082 are Indian women. To add to this, 74,118 Indian women die of cervical cancer annually, that is 8 women every waking hour. The statistics are appalling and the need of the hour is to take concrete steps to ensure that we reduce the incidence of cervical cancer in our country.

It is imperative for women to undergo regular screening programs. Not only does this ensure that cervical cancer is detected at a stage where it is well within control, but also brings to light a lot of other diseases such as STDs which could otherwise go neglected.

Women need to be aware and conscious so as to visit their gynaecologists and take regular pap smears. It is time to let go of our inhibitions and come out of the “happy bubble” so as to ensure that we lead a healthy life, a life free from cervical cancer.

Contributed by: Akshay Joshi, New Delhi


Leslie_M said...

This is a good campaign for all cervical cancer patients now. This encourages many people most especially alternative cancer treatment centers patients to live happily even with diseases and cancer.

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