Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The word finally seems to be out……

Ever since I became a part of FACC, it has become a daily habit to scan the newspapers and the internet to find out if there has been anything written or discussed about cervical cancer. The last few weeks has seen a steady flow of articles/tips/stories on cervical cancer. It looks like the word is finally out on the big C. Just a few quotes from some of these articles:
“Even though the doctor had told me it was completely curable, the word cancer has some stigma attached to it”- Sunaina Roshan, cervical cancer survivor to India Today Woman.
“In India alone, eight women die every hour due to cervical cancer. Around 27 per cent of female cancer patients suffer from cervical cancer”- Dr. Leela Bhagavan to the Deccan Chronicle.
“While in recent years, India has made tremendous economic progress, there is one area where it still lags woefully behind. I refer here to the incidence of cancer of the uterine-cervix or cervical cancer. In fact, we have the dubious distinction of outstripping any other country when it comes to the number of cases of this type of cancer (132,000 new cases are reported every year and around 74,000 women die annually of it)” - Harmala Gupta, Founder CanSupport, in The Hindustan Times.
“Many a time, women are shy or afraid to come forward even they have problems related to HPV. Further, lack of awareness of the disease is another problem to prevent the disease in early stage, though it is one of the most common illnesses faced by the women in India. The NGOs and government should work on spreading awareness about tests like Pap Screening”- Dr. Gagan Saini, Oncologist, to
“Survival after cervical cancer caught in its earliest stage is 92 per cent. Regular screening can help ensure it is caught at an early and treatable stage”- A Times Wellness Column article.
“Simple test could cut cancer deaths in poor nations”-Reuters
”Mandy Moore joins fight against cancer”
To keep the word on cervical cancer spreading, I urge every woman out there to spend a mere 10 minutes visiting their gynaecologist and getting a pap test done and recommend it to your family and friends as never know who might be next!

Contributed by: Mayurakshi Barua, New Delhi


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